Clio - Cream 420ml


Clio - Cream 420ml

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Made with High Borosilicate Glass (Quality with Durability) : The bottles rae made with the highest quality of borosiliicate glass that has been forged at extremely high temperatures.

Freezer Safe : Our borosilicate bottles are fridge safe upto and can withstand extreme temperatures.

Diswasher Safe : All bottles are dishwasher safe tp facilitate easy cleaning.

Super Healthy : Borosilicate bottles are a healthy rplacement for the old school plastic bottles.No plastic shall touch your contents as the inner lid is made of Pro Grade stainless steel.

Camel Flask Pledge(Giving back) : We want to try to make a small change in the community around us. To this extent 10% of the profits from this bottle are donated towards medical relief for the underpriveledged.